| C12-14 有源双绞线传输器接收端 Active balun

C12-14 有源双绞线传输器接收端 Active balun
CCTV video Balun transmion /receive 
5-7 days 
C12-14 Active Video Balun, UTP Balun, Receiver.

The C12-14 is an active video balun reciever, also known as an active UTP balun reciever. Active video baluns can be  used to transmit video signal from security cameras using unshielded twisted pair cable such as CAT-5 cable instead of bulkier and more expensive coax cable such as RG59.  Active baluns allow CAT5 to be run up to 3000 feet when used with an active video balun transmitter. This active balun can also be used with a passive video balun making it capable of transmitting a video signal up to 1200 feet. The C12-14 product is NOT a UTP balun pair.  This device requires  power.  The DC power supply is included when you purchase this product from CCTV Camera Pros.

Active UTP Video Balun Features
•    Balun Type: UTP Active Transceiver Module
•    Video Transceiver: 1 Port
•    Transmission Distance: up to 3000 feet when used with active transmitter
•    Transmission Distance: up to 1200 feet when used with passive video balun transmitter
•    Power In: 12V DC (power supply included)
•    Video In/Out: BNC male
•    Video Format: RS 170, NTSC, PAL, CCIR or SECAM
•    Operation Frequency Range: DC to 10 MHz
•    Twisted Pair Connector: 2 pin conector
•    Common Mode Rejection: 70 dB
•    Wire Type Compatiblility: UTP Cat 2, 3, 4, 5e, 6; 12~24 AWG or Heavier

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